What is ETNA Trader?

ETNA Trader is a cross-platform white-label web trading application for online broker-dealers looking for an all-in-one solution to operate a brokerage business online.

ETNA Trader consists of several components: white label HTML5 frontend, native mobile application for iOS and Android, middle and back office and trading APIs.

ETNA Trader can be used either as a whole trading suite for running an online broker-dealer business or certain components can be private labeled such as: mobile application, trading API, back office or front end.

With ETNA Trader you can:

  • Trade stocks, options (including multi-legs), ETFs, Forex with cryptocurrencies coming soon.

  • Customize layout and create unlimited widgets and tabs making it "a trading browser within a web browser"

  • Analyze markets with streaming market data (LI and LII) and charts, including technical indicators and drawing tools

  • Option Chains with built-in probability calculator

  • Monitor orders, positions and account balances in real time

  • Use platform either in paper trading/simulated trading mode or in real-time trading.

Find more information about features of ETNA Trader here: https://www.etnasoft.com/etna-trader/

Try our free online demo: https://www.etnasoft.com/etna-trading-simulator/

Or, have a look at our video guide: